Supper8 | Supper Club at The Creek


the Supper8 Supper Club is an opportunity for strengthening relationships in a relaxed setting over food and conversation!

WHO: Anyone can participate! Groups will be 6-8 adults. Each group will be intergenerational (all-ages) and interservice (Resonate & Encounter). Children are allowed to participate if parents wish.

WHAT: Each group will plan to meet at least once a month for a meal. It can be a pot-luck at someone's house, a picnic in the park, even a brown bag... Whatever the group decides! Each family (singles are their own family) will share their story at one of the gatherings. Knowing how we came to be who we are helps us to relate to each other more genuinely.

WHEN: Each group will meet once a month for 4 months in the fall; September through December. New groups will be formed in the spring.

HOW: Sign up below or in the foyer before and after service!

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